AR 6161.11 Supplementary Instructional Materials

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 6161.11


Media provided from other than traditional sources such as the school, the District Media Center , or the State Film Library must be previewed prior to classroom use.

All media is to be used for instructional purposes and is to relate to instructional plans and objectives.

Materials are considered inappropriate for either instructional or entertainment purposes if they deal with language considered inappropriate to school settings; sexual themes, scenes and innuendo; use of violence to solve problems; and gratuitous or senseless violence.

Caution must be used with recordings of television or cable broadcasts. While teachers are permitted by law to tape from broadcast for classroom use, they may not make long term or commercial use of such tapes. In addition, the content of such tapes must pass the same standards that apply to all other classroom instructional media.

The following procedures must be followed when media from other than traditional sources is viewed by students in the classroom or on field trips:

1. All media must be previewed by the instructor to ensure the appropriateness of language, themes, scenes, innuendoes, violence and instructional value as it relates to the curriculum and the age group of students.

2. All media must have the approval of the building administrator.

3. Media rated R or above is prohibited from use in schools.

(cf -6161.1- Selection of Instructional Materials)
(cf -6162.6
Use of Copyrighted Materials )


Adoption Date: 1/16/06