AR 1340 Access to District Records

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 1340

Community Relations

Any person may have access to and receive a copy of any identifiable public record.  Requests for District records shall be submitted to the Superintendent.   The District shall, consistent with the orderly conduct of District business, make a good faith and diligent effort to provide a rapid and intelligible response to requests for inspection of records.  District records shall be examined in the presence of the staff member regularly responsible for their maintenance and security or his/her designee.

Public records include any writings and records except:

  1. records of vital statistics and adoption proceedings which shall be treated in the manner required by AS 18.50.  (AS.  09.25.120)
  2. records pertaining to juveniles.  (AS.  09.25.120)
  3. medical and related public health records.  (AS.  09.25.120)
  4. records required to be kept confidential by a federal law or regulation or by state law.  (AS.  09.25.120)
  5. names, addresses, or other personal identifying information contained in school library records, except as requested by the parent/guardian.  (AS 09.25.130)
  6. records exempted by Board action including but not limited to:  (AS.  09.25.120)
  1. Personnel evaluation records (4 AAC 19.040)
  2. Reports of ongoing investigation involving students or District employees.
  3. Records regarding ongoing negotiations on a pending collective bargaining agreement, disclosure of which would impair the District's bargaining position.
  4. Records of contemplated purchase, lease, or acquisition of real property, or other property or services where release would impair the District's ability to obtain favorable terms in the transaction, or where the disclosure would provide the potential seller with an unfair competitive advantage.
  5. Information obtained by the District's insurance carriers and their attorneys and agents regarding potential or pending claims against the District.
  6. Communication between any district department, School Board member, and the borough or District’s attorney concerning pending or actual litigation.

When authorized, an exact copy of any identifiable public record shall be provided upon request unless it is impracticable to do so.  Computer data shall be provided in a form determined by the Superintendent.  Copies shall be furnished within three working days of the request at a cost determined by the Superintendent.

Where there is a question as to whether the information or records requested are exempt from disclosure, privileged or confidential, the request shall be referred to the Superintendent for a determination as to whether the material is subject to disclosure.  If the information requested is determined to be exempt from disclosure, the person requesting the information shall be advised in writing, stating the applicable law or rule of exemption, within 3 working days of receiving the request.

If the request is vague or so broad as to make it difficult to determine or identify the records of information requested, the employee shall so advise the requesting person within 3 days of receiving the request.

If the records cannot be located in time to make a response within 3 working days of the request, the requesting party shall be promptly so advised; if the requesting party still desires the information or records, a reasonable and diligent search shall be made for them.

Original records or information shall not leave the custody of the School District.

The District may require the requestor to prepay all costs and expenses associated with responding to a request for records, including reasonable personnel, administrative overhead, copying costs, or other associated expenses.  The Superintendent may waive imposition of costs when in the best interest of the District.

The District has no requirement to organize, coordinate, collate, modify, create, interpret, program, translate, transcribe, decode, or otherwise convert information which is requested.  Any request for public records in a form which requires the District or any of its employees to do such acts may be granted only on a time available basis.  Requests of this nature must have reasonable costs, as determined by the Superintendent, prepaid by the requestor.

 (cf. 1312 - Complaints Concerning the Schools)


Revised: 11/05/2018