Series 2000 Designee List

In each of the following policies, regulations or exhibit, the word “superintendent” is used to refer to the superintendent or “designee”. In each of the references of the term “superintendent” the designee is listed below:

BP 2000 Concepts and Roles 
Paragraph 1: “The Superintendent shall provide the vision and educational leadership in this effort and...”
Leadership Team
Paragraph 3: “The Superintendent shall develop decision-making process which are responsive...”
Senior Management
Paragraph 4: “The Board shall clearly state what it expects of the Superintendent and...”
Paragraph 4: “The Superintendent shall clearly state what is expected of all other administrators and...”
Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent
BP 2100 Administrative StaffSenior Management
BP 2110 Organizational Chart/Lines of ResponsibilitySenior Management
BP 2120 Superintendent of SchoolsSuperintendent
BP 2121 Superintendent’s ContractSuperintendent
BP 2122 Superintendent’s Job DescriptionSuperintendent
BP 2123 Evaluation of the SuperintendentSuperintendent
E 2123 Evaluation of the SuperintendentSuperintendent
AR 2123 Evaluation of the SuperintendentSuperintendent
E 2123 KPBSD Superintendent EvaluationSuperintendent
E 2240 Management and Communication SystemsSuperintendent
E 2250 Absence from BuildingSuperintendent