AR 6171 Title I Programs

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 6171


Parent Involvement in Title I Programs

With parental input, Title I programs, activities and procedures shall aim to:

  1. Inform parents/guardians about the reasons for their children's participation and about program instructional objectives and methods.
  2. Support parents/guardians' efforts, and train them insofar as practical, to work with their children at home in support of instructional objectives, understand program requirements and build a partnership between the home and the school.
  3. Train participating staff to work effectively with the parents/guardians of participating students.
  4. Continually consult with parents/guardians about ways they and the school can better cooperate to achieve program objectives.
  5. Give parents/guardians many different, timely opportunities to:
    1. Learn how the program will be designed, operated and evaluated.
    2. Participate in this process.
    3. Work together with educators in achieving program objectives.
  6. Ensure, insofar as practical, that opportunities for full participation are given to parents/guardians who lack literacy skills or whose native language is not English.

The following procedures shall be taken to implement the above goals and to ensure that parents/guardians are consulted and participate in the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of Title I programs:

  1. Policies ensuring parental involvement in Title I programs shall be made available to parents/guardians and shall be subject to their ongoing review.
  2. The District shall invite all parents/guardians of eligible children to attend at least one public meeting each year in order to discuss Title I programs and activities.
  3. Parents/guardians shall be informed of Title I parental involvement requirements and their right to consult in the program's design and implementation.
  4. Parents/guardians of children participating in Title I programs shall receive timely information about the programs and shall have opportunities to meet regularly to formulate program input if desired.
  5. Staff shall provide parents/guardians with reports on their children's progress. Insofar as practical, individual parent-teacher conferences also shall be held to discuss the student's progress and placement and to describe methods the parents/guardians can use to complement the student's instruction.
  6. Title I program staff shall be readily accessible to parents/guardians and shall permit parents/guardians to observe program activities.


Adoption Date: 1/16/06