BP 2123 Evaluation of the Superintendent

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 2123


The Board believes that an annual evaluation of the Superintendent's performance strengthens working relationships between the Superintendent and the Board.  The evaluation process should clarify the Superintendent's role and give the Board and Superintendent an opportunity to jointly identify immediate priorities among the Superintendent's many responsibilities.  Evaluations also should help the Board to monitor progress toward established goals and to set reasonable criteria for salary increases and/or contract extension.

The Board shall meet with the Superintendent to discuss the evaluation, including commendations in areas of strength and recommendations for improving effectiveness.  The Superintendent and Board members shall agree upon the format and process for the annual evaluation of the Superintendent.  Additional evaluations may be arranged at any time during the school year at the request of either the Board or Superintendent.

(cf.2121 - Superintendent's Contract)
The evaluation process shall be reviewed annually to determine whether any of the following steps need improvement: 

  1. Developing or reviewing/revising the superintendent's job description.
  2. Adopting or reviewing/revising evaluation policy.
  3. Establishing clear criteria to include progress on district goals.
  4. Establishing or reviewing/revising the evaluation process.
  5. Carrying out the evaluation.
  6. Summarizing the results.
  7. Discussing the results with the superintendent.
  8. Developing a plan for growth and improvement.

(cf.9321 - Executive Sessions)



Reviewed 04/01/2019 


Revised: 04/01/19