AR 6178.1 Work Experience Education

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 6178.1


Cooperative Work Experiences

Junior or senior students may earn elective credit for work experience through a combination of required academic classes, related vocational classes, and supervised on-the-job experience. Sophomore students may be accepted in extraordinary circumstances.

Students interested in work experience program placement must present their transcripts and interview with the school work experience coordinator. Coordinator permission is required for program placement. Work schedules may occur during the school day, after school, or both. Student participation shall include:

  1. enrollment in required academic classes,
  2. work related vocational class enrollment for a minimum of five hours per week (this class should be a component in a two year sequential curriculum),
  3. a training agreement for a minimum of ten (10) hours per week between the student, coordinator, and employer that defines a training plan, one-half (1/2) hour coordination per week, wage paid, follow-up, and evaluation plans.

General Work Experience

Junior or senior students not qualified for cooperative work experience may participate in a general work experience program with the approval and supervision of the work experience coordinator. Interested students must complete appropriate application procedures and submit to the coordinator.

No related vocational class enrollment is required but instruction in job entry skills and human relations is recommended by enrollment in a distributive education, diversified occupations, or job information class. Work may be performed at mutually agreed times.

Student participation should include:

  1. enrollment in required academic classes, and
  2. a training agreement for at least ten (10) hours per week between the student, coordinator and employer that defines a training plan, coordination time, wage paid, and evaluation plan.

Student completing approved training plans may earn one-half (1/2) elective credit per semester to a total of two (2).


Adoption Date: 7/1/96