BP 3100 Budget

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 3100

Business and Instructional Support Operations

The School Board shall establish and maintain a balanced budget. The Board shall adopt an annual budget which is compatible with District goals and objectives.

(cf. 0200 – Goals for the School District )

(cf. 3460 – Periodic Financial Reports)

The District budget shall be prepared annually from the best possible estimates of revenues and expenditures. The Superintendent shall determine the manner in which the budget shall be prepared and shall schedule the budget adoption process in accordance with legal time requirements.  The public will be given an opportunity to be heard. The Board shall hold public forums on the proposed budget for the purpose of permitting any district resident an opportunity to appear and speak to the budget or any item in the budget.  In order to receive public input early in the budget preparation process, district-wide budget forums will be held in October for district presentation and community input.  Three regional forums will be held in February to update communities on the state of the budget and allow for input.

(cf. 1230 – Advisory Committees)

Legal Reference:

14.07.030 Powers of state department
14.07.170 Additional powers and duties of state board
14.12.020 Support, management and control
14.14.060 Relationship between borough school district and borough
14.14.065 Relationship between city school district and city
14.17.300 – 14.17.990 Financing of public schools

4 AAC 09.006 – 4 AAC 09.050 State Aid
4 AAC 09.110 – 4 AAC 09.990 School Operating Fund


Revised: 05/06/19