BP 6184 Secondary Program Adaptation

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 6184


An optional schooling program is a cooperatively developed program of study involving a combination of school attendance, correspondence study courses, distance delivery programs, college opportunities or other approved resources which may be outside the school setting. These programs are coordinated through the principals, counselors, and alternative schooling office. Students are enrolled at their local District school.

Approved optional schooling courses may be substituted for school courses when the course is not a regular part of the school program, or if a student cannot be registered for the regular course, or if a student is on an approved special schedule. In addition, an optional schooling course can be used as an enrichment course or as a substitute for equivalent school course work when a student has failed a course. An enrichment course taken as an elective will count toward graduation requirements. All optional schooling course requests must be approved by the principal before approval by the alternative schooling program director. The Board may elect to establish student fees for optional schooling courses.


Adoption Date: 1/16/06