AR 3514.2 Pest Management

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 3514.2

Business and Instructional Support Operations

Integrated Pest Management Procedures

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) procedures as outlined in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Integrated Pest Management Statement of Policy Manual (January 2003) will determine when to control pests, and whether to use cultural, mechanical, biological or chemical means. Chemical controls are used as a last resort. IPM practitioners depend on current, comprehensive information on the pest and its environment, and the best available pest control methods. Applying IPM principles helps to reduce unacceptable levels of pest activity and damage. These principles are implemented by the most economical means and with the least possible hazard to people, property and the environment.

It is the policy of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District to utilize IPM principles to adequately manage pest populations. While the goal of this IPM program is to reduce and minimize the use of pesticides, pesticides may become necessary in certain situations. The choice of using a pesticide will be based on a review of all other available options and a determination that these options are ineffective, alone or in combination. Cost or staffing considerations alone will not be adequate justification for use of chemical control agents. The full range of alternatives, including no action, will be considered.

When it is determined that a pesticide must be used in order to prevent pest levels from exceeding action thresholds, the least hazardous material that will effectively control the pest will be chosen. The application of such pesticides is subject to the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, Environmental Protection Agency, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, AKOSHA and state and local regulations.

Pest Management Committee

The School District shall establish a Pest Management Advisory Committee to review pest management procedures, establish action thresholds, recommend pest management strategies and recommend changes to the Integrated Pest Management Program. The committee shall meet annually, as needed. Members of the committee shall represent the Kenai Peninsula Borough, the Kenai PeninsulaBoroughSchool District and the public, and will include the following:

  • Borough Maintenance ‑ IPM tech
  • Environmental Compliance Coordinator
  • Operations Manager ‑ Planning & Operations Director
  • Site Administrator
  • Science Teacher
  • Head Custodian
  • Representative from UAF Cooperative Extension Service
  • School Board member
  • Parent of a KPBSD student


Staff, students, administrative personnel, custodial staff and the public will be educated about potential school pest problems and the integrated pest management policies and procedures to be used to achieve the desired pest management objectives.               

Record Keeping at Site

Records will be kept on the number of pests or other indictors of pest populations both before and after any treatments. Records must be current and accurate if IPM is to work. Records of pesticide use shall be maintained on site to meet the requirements of the state board of Pesticide Control and Board of Education, and records will also document any non‑toxic treatment methods being used. The objective is to create records from which programs and practices can be evaluated in order to improve the system and eliminate ineffective and unnecessary treatments.


The School District will notify students' parents and school staff of upcoming treatments that will involve a pesticide. Notices will be posted in designated areas of the school and notices will be sent by telephone, email and/or mailed in the school's monthly newsletter.

Pesticide Storage and Purchase

Pesticide purchases will be limited to the amount authorized for use during the year. Pesticides will be stored and disposed of in accordance with ADEC pesticide regulation, the EPA label instructions, and state and local regulations. Pesticides will not be stored at schools. The Kenai Peninsula Borough Maintenance Department will supply and store any and all pesticides.

Pesticide Applicators/IPM

Tech Pesticide applicators must be educated and trained in the principles and practices of IPM and the use of pesticides approved by the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District and the Kenai Peninsula Borough; and they must follow regulations and label precautions. Applicators must be certified and comply with the District's IPM policy and Pest Management Plan.


Revised: 05/06/19