BP 3515.5 Emergency Action Plan

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 3515.5

Business and Instructional Support Operations

All District staff and students must be prepared to respond quickly and responsibly to critical incidents. A critical incident includes emergencies, disasters and other events which require emotional support. The Superintendent will develop and maintain a District-wide model emergency action plan.

Each site shall maintain a crisis response team consisting of (at a minimum) the principal, one certificated staff member, one classified staff member, and one parent whose child attends the school.  Each site shall have a plan which shall be:

  1. based on the District-wide model,
  2. modified to address issues specific to the site, community, population, etc.,
  3. reviewed and updated annually.

The Superintendent shall consult with city and/or borough officials so that District and site plans may provide the best possible way of handling each situation and also provide for emergency communications systems between these officials and each District school.

(cf.3515 – School Safety and Security)
(cf.5142 – Student Safety)

The School Board shall grant the use of school buildings, grounds and equipment to public agencies, including the American Red Cross, for mass care and welfare shelters during disasters or other emergencies affecting the public health and welfare. The Board shall cooperate with such agencies in furnishing and maintaining whatever services the Board deems necessary to meet the community's needs.

Disaster simulation exercises shall be held annually at each school site and shall demonstrate how safety procedures may be applied to various types of emergencies.

The Board encourages all employees to become proficient in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Legal Reference:

14.03.030 School term
14.03.140 emergency drills
18.70.080-18.70.300 Fire protection


Revised: 05/06/19