BP 3540 Transportation

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 3540

Business and Instructional Support Operations

The School Board desires to provide transportation for eligible students in accordance with state and federal law.

The goals of the transportation service are:

  1. To provide maximum safety for students while being transported between home and school and on school-sponsored trips.
  2. To promote desirable student behavior and respect for traffic safety.
  3. To provide assistance and transportation for students with disabilities.
  4. To provide transportation for field trips.  

 KPBSD shall provide transportation services to students attending KPBSD charter schools as follows:

1.    Charter school students living within the attendance area of the neighborhood school where the charter school is housed shall be provided transportation services on the same basis as all students in the district who reside within the attendance area of the neighborhood school they attend.   

2.  Charter school students living outside the attendance area of the charter school they attend shall be provided transportation services on a space available basis along the regular routes that the students attending schools in an attendance area in the district are currently being transported.

3.  If a charter school declines pupil transportation services, no funding allocation will be made by the district.


(cf.3313 – Contracts)
(cf.3541.5 – Alternative Transportation Arrangements)
(cf.6182 – Secondary Boarding Program)

Legal Reference:

14.09.010  Transportation of pupils
School buses
14.30.347  Transportation of exceptional children 

4 AAC 09.050  Secondary Boarding Programs


Revised: 05/06/19