BP 3541 Transportation Routes and Services

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 3541

Business and Instructional Support Operations

Transportation may be arranged through private subcontractors in all areas and instances where the District does not own school buses.

A regular pupil transportation route may be established if fifteen (15) or more pupils reside more than one and one-half miles from the attendance center to be served by the route, measured from the closest point of the school property to the closest point of the resident property using a route which a student can actually walk to the location and not be required to cross private property without the permission of the owner.

Some roads within the boundaries of the District are not considered safe for school bus operations. The District attempts to establish school bus routes that will service students in a timely fashion on all days when school is in session. Bus routes for regular student transportation shall be established only on roads or highways in the Borough that

  1. have at least a gravel surface;
  2. are under the supervision and all-weather maintenance of the Department of Transportation, a municipality, or Borough service area, and
  3. have adequate turnaround space for transportation vehicles.

Because of the difference in vehicles used for student transportation, the District also will consider the following factors when evaluating a road for a school bus route: access, grade, recovery area, road width, sharp curves, sight distance, steep embankments, and winter maintenance.

Bus routes shall be established to best serve students most efficiently based on a continuing assessment of financial resources.

Transportation Routes and Services

The Superintendent may designate hazardous transportation routes within the minimum walking distance when such routes are unsafe.

The Superintendent may charge a fare for home-to-school transportation provided to students or for supplemental transportation services.

(cf.3541.2 – Transportation for Students with Disabilities)
(cf.3541.5 – Alternative Transportation Arrangements)
(cf.3543.1 – Hazardous Bus Routes)

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Revised: 05/06/19