AR 3544.1 Vehicle Maintenance

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 3544.1

Business and Instructional Support Operations

Each District vehicle shall have a routine maintenance and safety check at a minimum of every 3,000 miles.  This maintenance and safety check shall be conducted by a designated garage or mechanic.  Every 12,000 miles or once a year, each district vehicle shall have a detailed safety and maintenance check by a designated garage or mechanic.

A service log shall be kept for each district vehicle that describes required and other maintenance performed, the garage or person performing the service, type of service and date completed.

A daily log shall be kept on each district vehicle used to transport students and each driver of each vehicle shall list and sign all daily or weekly routine items required.

Logs shall be available at any time and copies of required maintenance and safety checks shall be filed with the Superintendent or designee after they have been performed.  Superintendent or designee shall conduct at least two reviews each school year of bus contractor records on vehicles used to transport students.


Revised: 05/06/19