BP 5030 School Discipline and Safety

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 5030


The Board believes that all students have the right to a public education in a safe and positive environment that fosters the maximum opportunity for learning. An effective school discipline and safety program is necessary to ensure a learning environment free of disruptions. The Board shall adopt, and the Superintendent shall implement and maintain, an effective school discipline and safety program. The discipline and safety program should reflect community standards of school behavior and safety that are developed with the collaboration of students, parents, guardians, community members, teachers, school administrators, and the site council in each school.

(cf. 1230 – Advisory Committees)
(cf. 4158 –Employee Security)
(cf. 5131 – Conduct)
(cf. 5131.1 – Bus Conduct)
(cf. 5131.5 – Vandalism, Threats, and Graffiti)
(cf. 5131.6 – Alcohol and Other Drugs)
(cf. 5131.62 – Tobacco)
(cf. 5131.7 – Weapons & Dangerous Instruments)
(cf. 5131.9 – Academic Honesty)
(cf. 5137PositiveSchoolClimate)
(cf. 5144 – Discipline)
(cf. 5144.2 – Suspension and Expulsion (Students with Disabilities)
(cf. 5145.11 – Questioning and Apprehension)
(cf. 5145.12 – Search and Seizure)
(cf. 5145.3 – Nondiscrimination)
(cf. 5145.7 – Sexual Harassment)
(cf. 6164.2 – Guidance and Counseling Services)
(cf. 6164.4 – Child Find)
(cf. 6164.5 – Intervention/Assistance Teams
(cf. 6172  – Special Education)

 Not less than once every three years, the District's discipline and safety program shall be reviewed and revised if appropriate. The review process shall make available the opportunity for collaborative input by students, parents, guardians, community members, staff, and the site council in each school. Policies reflecting standards of student behavior, including those identifying prohibited student conduct and penalties, should be reviewed to determine consistency with community standards, including the basic requirements for respect and honesty.

(cf. 9310 – Policy Manual)
(cf. 9311 – Board Policies)
(cf. 9313 – Administrative Regulations)

 The Board desires to give all administrators, teachers, and other employees the authority they need to implement and enforce the discipline and safety program. Personnel should adhere to lines of primary responsibility so that appropriate decision-making may take place at various levels in accordance with Board policy and administrative regulations. In fulfilling duties and responsibilities in student discipline and safety, all employees shall comply with Board policies, administrative regulations, and local, state, and federal laws. Employees will not be formally disciplined for enforcement of student discipline and safety rules so long as the enforcement is reasonable, lawful, and in compliance with Board policies and administrative regulations. The seriousness of some issues may require the interviewing of students without prior parental permission.

(cf. 2110 – Organization Chart/Lines of Responsibility)
(cf. 4158 – Employee Security)
(cf. 5144 – Discipline)
(cf. 4119.21 -- Code of Ethics)
(cf. 4119.3 – Duties of Personnel)

The Board further desires to give all students the opportunity to learn in an environment in which they feel safe.  Should any school be identified as persistently dangerous under state law, students attending that school will be provided the opportunity to transfer to the parent's choice of one of two or more safe schools within the District. Informed parental choice will be facilitated by timely notice of the meaning of the persistently dangerous designation and the intervention steps the District plans to utilize to make the school safe.  Additionally, any student who is the victim of the violent criminal offense that occurred on the grounds of the student's school will be provided the opportunity to transfer, consistent with state law.

Legal Reference:

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No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, 20 U.S.C. §§ 2361-2368 (P.L. 107-110)

11.81.430 Justification, use of force, special relationships
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14.03.160 Suspension or expulsion of students for possessing weapons
14.30.045 Grounds for suspension or denial of admission
14.30.180-.350 Education for Exceptional Children
14.33.120-.140 School disciplinary and safety program

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4 AAC 07.010-4 AAC 07.900 Student rights and responsibilities
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20 AAC 10.020 Code of ethics and teaching standards


Adoption Date: 07/13/2009