BP 4000 Concepts and Roles

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 4000

All Personnel

The School Board acknowledges that policies, procedures and regulations are the basis for all aspects of the management of the District. It is the intent of the Board to comply with federal, state, local and negotiated agreements. Any District policy, procedure, regulation or provision of negotiated agreements is subject to compliance with federal, state or local statutes.

The School Board

  1. 1. Establishes and adopts Board policy.
  2. 2. Hires and evaluates the Superintendent.
  3. 3. Approves the employment of all certificated employees.
  4. 4. Approves all negotiated agreements with employee groups.

The Superintendent

  1. Is responsible for implementing Board policy.
  2. Is responsible for all aspects of the management of the District. These duties include but are not limited to:
    1. Nominating employment to the Board of all certificated personnel.
    2. Assuring compliance with negotiated agreements.
    3. Evaluation of all District employees.
    4. Student academic achievement.

Legal Reference:

14.08.101 Powers (regional school board)
14.08.111 Duties (regional school board)
14.14.060 Relationship between borough school district and borough
14.14.065 Relationship between city school district and city
14.20.095 Right to comment and criticize not to be restricted
23.40.070-23.40.260 Public Employment Relations Act (PERA)
39.25.110 Exempt service


Adoption Date: 2/7/05