AR 5022 Parent/Student Handbook

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 5022


The purpose of the Handbook is to inform and guide students and parents.

The Handbook will be provided to students and parents or guardian via their students and they are all encouraged to carefully read the contents. Student awareness of the handbook should be reinforced in one or all of the following ways:

  1. satisfactory student completion of a questionnaire or worksheet based upon handbook contents; or
  2. teacher review of the handbook with students during the first week of school; and
  3. any practicable means should be used to notify parents about the handbooks.

Faculty, staff, and students shall be responsible for knowing, understanding and complying with law, policy, regulations, and school rules included in the Handbook.

Changes in the Handbook that affect ongoing procedures will be communicated to all affected parties when they become operational and incorporated in handbooks at the next revision.

In addition to the District's Parent/Student Handbook, a school may provide school specific information including school philosophy, school day and calendar, attendance requirements, fees, fire drills, use of school facilities and equipment, reporting procedures, disciplinary practices, campus visitors, lockers, rights and responsibilities, field trips, cocurricular activities, bus regulations, and other items.


Revised: 8/6/2012