AR 4111 Recruitment and Selection

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 4111

Certificated Personnel

The District shall employ the most qualified person available for each open position. The Superintendent shall develop recruitment and selection procedures which include:

  1. Assessment of the District's needs to determine those areas where specific skills, knowledge and abilities are lacking.
  2. Development of job descriptions which accurately portray the position.
  3. Dissemination of vacancy announcements to ensure a wide range of candidates, when necessary.
  4. Screening procedures which will identify the best possible candidates for interviews.
  5. Interview procedures which will determine the best qualified candidate for hire.

The District will follow this process and protocol when hiring site level administration:

  1. Administrator notifies Superintendent that he/she will not be returning.
  2. Communication plan is developed by Superintendent and principal.
  3. A meeting will be arranged with staff, site council, PTA, PTO, etc., and the public to gather information about characteristics and qualities for the administrative position.
  4. Dates established for providing input to Superintendent, each site is unique.
  5. KPBSD administrators under contract for the following school year given consideration to transfer to the vacated position.
  6. Criteria/priorities from school community revised against transfer requests--placement of current assistant principal or other KPBSD administration would happen at this time if viewed as a match.
  7. The Superintendent shall have the discretion to assign administrators to open positions, as necessary.
  8. Once an opening exists, Superintendent causes the position to be advertised.
  9. Files revised, pre-screens occur by Human Resources/Superintendent.
  10. Interviews are open to public--announced prior to interview date.
  11. Recommendation is forwarded to School Board for contract approval (not assignment); if transfer situation after administrative contracts approved, change provided as informational item only.
  12. Site administrators with teaching responsibilities may be added to existing small school sites to increase the administrative allocation and reduce the teaching responsibilities at their current site.

All teachers teaching in core academic subjects must be highly qualified as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act.

Legal Reference

§1119 No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, P.L. 107-110


Revised: 01/11/2016