AR 5112.2 Exclusions From Attendance

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 5112.2


Prior to excluding a student from attendance because of a physical or medical condition, the Superintendent shall send a notice to the parent/guardian of the student. The notice shall contain the following statements:

  1. A statement of the facts leading to a decision for the proposed exclusion.
  2. A statement that the parent/guardian has a right to meet with the Board to discuss the proposed exclusion.
  3. A statement that at any such meeting the parent/guardian shall have an opportunity to:
    1. Inspect all documents on which the Board is basing its decision to propose exclusion.
    2. Challenge any evidence and confront and question any witness presented by the Board.
    3. Present oral and documentary evidence on the student's behalf, including witnesses.
    4. Have one or more representatives of the parent/guardian present at the meeting.
  4. A statement that the decision to exclude the child is subject to periodic review and a statement of District procedures for such review.

The Superintendent may exclude without prior notice of exclusion any student who:

  1. resides in an area subject to quarantine.
  2. is exempt from a medical examination but is believed to suffer from a contagious or infectious disease.
  3. is determined to be a clear and present danger to the life, safety, or health of students or school personnel.

However, the Superintendent shall send a notice of exclusion and due process hearing procedures as soon as reasonably possible after the exclusion.

A student denied admission because of a physical or mental condition shall be permitted attendance when the cause for exclusion no longer exists.

Legal Reference:

AS 14.30.047: Admission and readmission when cause no longer exists


Adoption Date: 10/18/04