AR 4112.8 Hiring Procedures

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 4112.8

All Personnel

When a supervisor has a member of his/her immediate family apply for a position that is under said supervisor's authority, the following procedures are to be followed:

1. Supervisor is to review BP 4112.8, BP 4212.8, and BP 4312.8.

2. Upon review of policies, the supervisor is to contact the Human Resource Director.

3. Upon notification from a supervisor that a candidate has applied for a position that falls under the governance of BP 4112.8, BP 4212.8, or BP 4312.8, the Human Resource Director shall require the supervisor to provide a written explanation that justifies the reason for the necessity of interviewing and potential hiring of an immediate family member governed by BP 4112.8, BP 4212.8, and 4312.8. Such a written explanation must address the topic of number of qualified candidates and how said applicant, if selected, would be supervised and evaluated per BP 4112.8, BP 4212.8, and BP 4312.8.

4. The Human Resource Director will meet with the Superintendent upon written receipt of the supervisor's request to interview said candidate accompanied by the required documentation. The Human Resource Director will present the Superintendent with the aforementioned documentation, plus copies of employment announcements promulgating the position, along with the Human Resource Director's recommendation.

5. The Superintendent shall consider the Human Resource Director's request and respond in a timely manner to allow or deny the applicant interview privileges.

6. Once a candidate is considered for an interview, he/she will be considered equally with all other candidates for the job.


Adoption Date: 2/7/05