BP 4117.6 Nonretention

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 4117.6

Certificated Personnel

The Superintendent shall provide the Board with his/her recommendations regarding the non-retention of certificated employees.

The Board may decide not to rehire a non-tenured employee at the end of his/her first, second, or third year and give written notice of its decision to the employee at any time during the year. If the Board does not give non-tenured teachers written notice of non-retention by the last day of the school term, the employee shall be rehired for the following year.

Non-retention of non-tenured teachers may be based on any cause deemed adequate by the Superintendent or, if an informal Board hearing is held, any cause deemed adequate by the Board. The Superintendent shall establish administrative regulations which provide appeal procedures for the non-retention of non-tenured teachers, including the opportunity for an informal hearing before the Board.

The non-retention of tenured teachers shall comply with the cause and procedural requirements specified in law.

(cf. 4112.1 - Contracts)
(cf. 4117.4 - Dismissal)
(cf. 4116 - Nontenured/Tenured Status)
(cf. 4117.3 - Personnel Reduction)

Legal Reference:

14.20.140 Notification of nonretention
14.20.145 Automatic re-employment
14.20.175 Nonretention
14.20.180 Procedure and hearing upon notice of dismissal or nonretention
14.20.205 Judicial review
14.20.210 Authority of school board or department to adopt bylaws

Shatting and Dillingham City School District


Revised: 05/04/2015