BP 5116 School Attendance Boundaries

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 5116


Students who reside within District boundaries may apply for enrollment in any District school where space is available. Students shall attend school in their attendance area unless otherwise authorized by the Superintendent. The District is not responsible for bussing out-of-area students, but may allow this with other considerations. Form E 5116 Out of Area Attendance Request is used to request this exemption.

When considering changes to school attendance boundaries, the School Board shall take into account racial and ethnic balance, educational programs, school capacities, geographic features, student safety, and transportation considerations.

Demographic changes may result in overcrowded schools or in declining enrollment. Fiscal limitations may prevent the District from opening new schools or maintaining facilities that are unused. Changes in student population cannot always be remedied by a change in school attendance boundaries. The Board shall regularly review school and District enrollments and projected enrollments and will make every effort to ensure that students will be able to attend area schools. The Board shall hold a public hearing to secure community input before approving any boundary change. State approval shall be obtained as required by law.

The Superintendent may place some students in a school outside of their attendance area in order to alleviate overcrowding. These students shall be provided transportation to a school with adequate space. When possible, siblings will be allowed to attend the same school.

Legal Reference:

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Adoption Date: 6/2/2008