BP 5121 Assessment (Evaluation of Student Achievement)

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 5121


The School Board believes that students and parents/guardians have the right to receive course assessments that represent an accurate evaluation of the student's achievement. Teachers shall evaluate a student's work in relation to standards which apply to all students at his/her grade level, not in relation to the work of other students in one particular class.

Assessment should be based on impartial, consistent observation of the quality of the student's work and his/her mastery of course content and objectives as demonstrated through classroom participation, homework and tests. The student's behavior and effort shall be reported in separate evaluations, not in his/her academic grade.

( cf. 5113 - Absences and Excuses )

( cf. 5123 - Promotion/Acceleration/Retention )

( cf. 5124 - Communication with Parents/Guardians )

( cf. 5125.2 - Challenging Student Records )

In order to promote self-esteem and experiences of success, students in kindergarten through third grade shall receive narrative performance or skill-based evaluations rather than letter grades.

The Principal shall establish and evaluate a uniform grading system which is monitored and approved by the Superintendent.

Unexcused Absences

Students enrolled in District schools shall maintain regular attendance. Irregular attendance or truancy will be considered a symptom of other academic, social or emotional conditions that affect student attitudes about school. Principals and teachers will respond to student needs identified by these symptoms, discuss their opinions with parents, and attempt to improve student attendance to the degree that they can reasonably influence these conditions.

When a kindergarten through 8th grade student is recommended for retention by teacher(s) and Principal, absences of 20% or more of the days enrolled shall permit student retention without parent permission when all other retention procedures have been completed.

(cf. 5123 - Promotion/Acceleration/Retention)

When a 9-12 grade student is absent more than 15 days per semester or misses over 800 instructional minutes in any course for reasons other than school related programs, the student's attendance, attitude, behavior, and achievement in all classes shall be reviewed by the school intervention/assistance team to determine if the student shall be granted semester credits and/or permitted to participate in cocurricular activities.

In the event of absence due to unavoidable family decisions, parents or students should arrange in advance for the Principal and teacher(s) to provide direction to student studies while away from school for periods of 3 to 10 consecutive days. Students absent for more than 10 consecutive days shall be dropped from the class rolls.

If a student misses class without an excuse and does not subsequently turn in homework, take a test or fulfill another class requirement which he/she missed, the teacher may lower the student's grade for nonperformance.  Teachers shall inform students about the class grading system at the beginning of the semester.


Adoption Date: 10/18/04