AR 5123 Promotion/Acceleration/Retention

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 5123


When a teacher believes that retention or acceleration is necessary to meet a student's needs, he/she shall ask the Principal to establish an intervention/assistance team meeting to consider options and opportunities for improving the child's academic, social and emotional performance.

 The student's parent/guardian shall be invited to participate on the intervention team. Information on concerns, considerations and placement options shall be recorded on the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Retention/Acceleration form (E 5123) and shall include:

  1. The rationale for considering retention, or acceleration, or other instructional, program or placement options deemed appropriate to meet the needs of the student;
  2. Parent opportunity to express observations, opinions and concerns;
  3. Presentation of the plan of services for the student for the balance of the student's time in the current grade assignment, planned program modifications to be put into effect if the student is retained or accelerated, and alternative plans if these options are not selected;
  4. A time line for monthly meetings monitoring the intervention strategies selected for the current year and documentation of discussions related to next year's placement alternatives.

Acceleration shall be considered only with the approval of parents.

Retention and disputed promotion normally requires parental concurrence. The District, however, retains the right to either retain or promote if such concurrence cannot be reached. A parent may appeal any decision under the provisions of the District's due process policy.

( cf. BP 5144.11 )

 Regardless of the decision reached, a statement describing the decision shall be placed in the student's cumulative folder. The parent may sign this statement or submit one of his/her own.

Each Principal shall send a list of students considered for retention or acceleration to the Superintendent by February 1 of the current school year.

Each Principal shall send a list of students approved for retention or acceleration to the Superintendent not later than three (3) weeks prior to the end of the school year.

Follow-up Action—Retention or Acceleration

The intervention teams will continue to monitor all retained or accelerated students in the following year.


Revised: 08/06/2018