AR 5131 Conduct

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 5131

Student RightsStudent Responsibilities

To participate in educational opportunities designed to meet student outcomes.

To seek and use parental and school advisement to develop short-term and long-range educational goals and select learning activities which are appropriate and challenging.

To attend school in the District in which his/her parent resides.

To attend school daily, except when ill, and to be on time to all classes.

To express his/her opinions verbally or in writing.

To express his/her opinions and ideas in a respectful manner that does not offend or slander others.

To determine his/her dress so as to express his/her own personality.

To dress so that his/her appearance does not endanger the physical health or safety of others, and/or does not substantially disrupt the educational process. The display of profanity is not acceptable. Dress should be in alignment with District policies regarding equal rights and drug free schools.

To have respect and common courtesy shown to them by school employees and other students.

To show respect and common courtesy to school employees and other students.

To expect that the school will be a safe place for all students to gain an education.

To be aware of all rules and expectations regulating student behavior and conduct him/herself in accordance with them.

To be afforded due process in any disciplinary action brought against the student.

To volunteer information in disciplinary cases should s/he have knowledge in such a case.

To be represented by an active student government selected by free school elections.

To take an active part in student government by running for office and/or voting for the best candidates, and making his/her problems known to administration through student representatives.

To be informed of locker searches, except in the cases when there is immediate danger to persons or property.

To refrain from keeping anything illegal, dangerous, or disruptive to others in lockers.

To request a review of grades, assignments, or tests by the student government or a Principal.

To review questions concerning assignments and grades with the teacher before bringing grievances before the Principal or the student government.

To have access to all District and school policies.

To question, review, and understand policies.


Adoption Date: 10/18/04