AR 4154 Health Benefits

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 4154

All Personnel

Federal Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA)

Under COBRA, District employees may retain health coverage when they reduce their working hours and/or are separated from employment. Continued coverage through the District shall also be made available to an employee's spouse and dependents upon the employee's death, separation or divorce, eligibility for Medicare or upon termination of a child's dependent status under the District health insurance program. Employees who are fired for gross misconduct may not retain health care coverage.

Persons who choose to retain health care coverage shall be charged the full costs of coverage within legal limits. Those who have reduced their working hours or who have been released from employment may retain the coverage for no more than eighteen (18) months. All other qualifying persons may retain the coverage for no more than thirty-six (36) months. Coverage will end if the employee or beneficiary 1) fails to pay the cost of coverage; 2) secures insurance coverage through subsequent employment or remarriage; or 3) becomes eligible for Medicare benefits.


Adoption Date: 2/7/05