AR 5142 Safety

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 5142



The Principal of each school shall ensure that certificated employees, teacher aides or yard aides supervise the conduct and safety, and direct the play, of students of the school who are on school grounds during school hours before and after school, during recess, and during other intermissions.

The Principal shall inform parents/guardians of the hours before or after school that students may be on campus.

Safety rules for the use of facilities and equipment shall include as appropriate:

  1. Rules on acceptable playground behavior and on the proper use of play apparatus in elementary schools.
  2. Rules relating to gymnasium and field areas in high schools.
  3. Safety rules clearly posted in chemistry classes.
  4. Shop class rules, including the requirement that power equipment never be used without the teacher's presence in the shop. Students must pass safety tests before using such equipment, and test results must be kept on record.

School staff shall train students on the above rules and include safety instruction in their lesson plans when appropriate. Copies of the rules shall be sent to parents/guardians and be readily available at the school at all times.

The Principal shall:

  1. Clearly identify supervision zones on the playground and require that supervisors remain outside at a location from which they can observe their entire zone of supervision.
  2. Require that all individuals supervising students remain alert in spotting dangerous conditions and report any such conditions to the principal promptly and in writing.
  3. Establish emergency procedures that ensure swift response to accidents, fighting, and situations that could become dangerous, such as overcrowding or unusual gatherings of students.

The Principal shall ensure that teachers, teacher aides, yard aides and volunteers who supervise students receive training in the above safety practices and in supervisory techniques which will help them to forestall problems and resolve conflicts.

When determining the ratio of playground supervisors to students, the Principal shall consider the size of the playground area, the number of blind spots that are not immediately visible, the age and gender of the students, and the general nature of their behavior.

Release of Student to Adult

Students shall be released during the school day in the custody of an adult only if:

  1. The adult is the student's parent/legal guardian.
  2. The adult has appropriate identification and the verified authorization of the student's parent/legal guardian.
  3. The adult is a properly authorized law officer acting in accordance with law.
  4. The adult is taking the student to emergency medical care.

( cf. 5021 – Access to Students by Noncustodial Parents )
( cf. 5141.4 - Child Abuse and Neglect (Reporting Procedures )
( cf. 5145.11 - Questioning and Apprehension )

Laboratory Safety

The Principal of each school offering laboratory work to students shall designate a trained certificated employee to regularly review and update the school's procedures for laboratory safety.


Adoption Date: 10/18/04