Series 0000: Philosophy-Goals-Objectives & Comprehensive Plans

NOTE: This comprehensive index/table of contents provides a standard index system designed to accommodate future policies/regulations and at the same time provides a table of contents for this manual. This manual contains only those Board Policies (BP), administrative regulations (AR) and exhibits (E) specified in the right-hand column. There is no existing policy for items without a corresponding BP or AR.
Last Updated 6/6/13
Designee List      
0. Concepts and Roles 0000 BP  
1. Philosophy 0100 BP  
             E 0100(a) KPBSD Strategic Plan 2017-2022      
               E0100(b) Key Performance Indicators      
2. Goals for the School District 0200 BP AR

E 0200(a) School Initiative Quality Approval Process
E 0200(b) School Initiative Quality Assurance
E 0200(c) Technology/Digital Resource Request Form     

A. Vision for Student Learning
0210  BP  
B. Goals for School Operations
3. Objectives/Goal Indicators for School District 0300    
A. Objectives for Student Learning
B. Objectives for School Operations
4. Comprehensive Plans 0400    
A. Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities
0410 BP  
                    1. Service Animals 0411 BP   
E 0411 Service Animals      
B. School-Based Decision Making/Site Councils
0420 BP AR
C. Community School Program
D. Advisory School Boards
5. Review and Evaluation 0500    
A. School District Report Card
0510 BP AR
B. School Accountability/School Improvement
0520 BP  AR
C. Criteria for Closing Schools
0530 BP