BP 5144 Discipline

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 5144


Each Principal shall publish school rules for student discipline which describe the school's behavior management plan and consequences for student misconduct. Special care shall be taken when developing school rules to solicit the views of the school community, including administrators, teachers, school security personnel, parents/guardians and students.

School site rules must be strictly based on District policy, regulation and state and federal laws and be enforced fairly and uniformly. The Superintendent shall establish procedures for the approval of such rules.

At the beginning of each school year, the Superintendent shall ensure that every student and his/her parents/guardians are notified in writing of the availability of Board policies and administrative regulations related to student rights and responsibilities. Such policies shall be posted in accordance with law.


Corporal punishment is prohibited by law as a disciplinary measure against any student. School administrators and teachers shall employ other means of disciplining students.

The prohibition on corporal punishment does not prevent the use of reasonable and appropriate force by a teacher or other supervising employee which is necessary to maintain order to protect student welfare. Reasonable and necessary force or physical restraint against a student may be used to protect the student, or others, from physical injury; to obtain possession of a weapon or other dangerous object; to maintain reasonable order in the classroom or on school grounds; or to protect property from serious damage or destruction. The force shall not be greater than necessary to control the misconduct or dangerous situation. In no event may deadly force be used against a student.

( cf. 3515 – School Safety & Security )
( cf. 4158 - Employee Security )

Legal Reference:

4 AAC 07.010-4 AAC 07.900 Student rights and responsibilities


In addition to subjecting a student to discipline, any crime committed by a student while at school, on school grounds, or during any school sponsored activity on or off campus shall be reported to law enforcement. Criminal proceedings are independent of actions taken by the School District . The District may impose discipline for misconduct regardless of whether criminal charges are filed or a conviction is obtained. The Superintendent should ensure cooperation with law enforcement in the criminal investigation of students who commit crimes while under the jurisdiction of the school.


Legal Reference:

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4 AAC 07.010-4 AAC 07.900


Adoption Date: 10/18/04