BP 5144.1 Suspension and Expulsion

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 5144.1


The Board believes an effective school discipline and safety program is necessary to ensure a positive learning environment for all students. The Board encourages high quality, collaboratively developed proactive measures and alternative responses to foster a positive school climate. The Board recognizes that maintaining an environment which promotes learning and protects the health, safety and welfare of all students may require the suspension or expulsion of a student from regular classroom instruction. District policies and school site rules shall clearly identify student behavior standards. The Superintendent or Principal may impose suspension when other means, proactive measures, or alternative responses have failed to bring about proper conduct or for serious misconduct.

( cf. 5131 - Student Conduct )

( cf. 5144 - Discipline )

The Board may expel a student for severe or prolonged breaches of discipline. Except for single acts of a grave nature, expulsion is usually used only when there is a history of misconduct, when other forms of discipline, including suspension, have failed to bring about proper conduct, or when the student's presence causes a continuing danger to other students.  

Suspended or expelled students shall be excluded from all school-related extracurricular activities during the suspension or expulsion.   

The Board shall provide for the fair treatment of students facing suspension and expulsion by affording them their due process rights under the law. The Superintendent shall specify procedures for notices and appeals.

(cf. 3515 – School Safety and Security )
5144.2 - Suspension and Expulsion (Students with Disabilities)
6164.3 - Student Mental Health - Medication and Services)
5022- Parent/Student Handbook)

 Legal Reference:

14.30.045 Grounds for suspension or denial of admission
14.30.047 Admission or readmission, when cause no longer exists

4 AAC 06.060 Suspension or denial of admission
4 AAC 07.010 - 4 AAC 07.900 Student rights and responsibilities

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Revised: 7/9/2012