E 5144.11(b) Hearing Procedure

KPBSD Policy Manual

E 5144.11(b)



  1. Indicate that the session will be taped and summarize the procedure for those in attendance. Turn on the recorder and state the date, time and place of the hearing.
  2. Identify yourself as the hearing officer.
  3. Read, "The transcripts of this hearing, together with materials in the file, will be the only historical record of the facts and events and the sole basis upon which the parties may rely in any further review of the matter by the administration of this District, and the Board of Education. The transcript of this hearing will be kept on file here at school and is available to both parties. If you do not agree with the decision reached in this hearing, you have the right of appeal. Your written appeal must be received by the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction at the School District Central Office, 148 N. Binkley Street , Soldotna , Alaska 99669 , within 10 days of this decision."
  4. Have each person identify him/herself and their position or relationship.
  5. Enter into the record the following:
    1. Reason for hearing; KPBSD Policy #.
    2. Manner in which notice of hearing was given and to whom.
  6. Order of Hearing:
    1. Opening statement (hearing officer).
    2. School administration presents its side (ten minutes).
    3. Cross-examination/questions by student, parents, counsel, hearing officer (five minutes).
    4. Student or parent presents his/her case (ten minutes).
    5. Cross-examination/questions by school administration, hearing officer (five minutes).
    6. Summary by student or parent (three minutes).
    7. Summary by school (three minutes) with recommendation(s) of any sanctions.
    8. Short recess, if desired, prior to decision. Indicate if further investigation will be necessary. Have three days to render a decision, if necessary. A letter will be sent summarizing the hearing, the facts, and the decision within this time frame.
    9. Concluding statements by hearing officer.
    10. Adjourn.

Other Considerations:

  1. Special education student; manifestation hearing conducted.
  2. Past discipline history.
  3. Academic progress.
  4. Attendance.


Revised: 9/11/07