Series 2000: Administration

NOTE: This comprehensive index/table of contents provides a standard index system designed to accommodate future policies/regulations and at the same time provides a table of contents for this manual. This manual contains only those Board Policies (BP), administrative regulations (AR) and exhibits (E) specified in the right-hand column. There is no existing policy for items without a corresponding BP or AR.
Last updated 6/6/11
Designee List      
0. Concepts and Roles 2000 BP  
A. Goals and Objectives
1. Administrative Staff Organization x 4300 2100 BP  
A. Organization Chart/Lines of Responsibility
2110 BP  
B. Superintendent of Schools
2120 BP  
1. Superintendent's Contract
2121 BP AR
2. Superintendent of Schools: Job Description
2122 BP   AR
3. Evaluation of the Superintendent
2123 BP AR
 E2123: Superintendent Evaluation by School Board
2. Administrative Operations 2200    
A. Administrative Action in Absence of Board Policy
2210 BP  
B. Review of Administrative Decisions
C. Representative and Deliberative Groups
D. Management and Communication Systems
E2240: Management and Communication Systems - Retired 12-9-19
E. Teacher-in-Charge/Principal's Designee
2250   BP  

  E2250: Absence from Buildings

3. Conflict of Interest 2300