Series 3000: Business & Instructional Support Operations


NOTE: This comprehensive index/table of contents provides a standard index system designed to accommodate future policies/regulations and at the same time provides a table of contents for this manual. This manual contains only those Board Policies (BP), administrative regulations (AR) and exhibits (E) specified in the right-hand column. There is no existing policy for items without a corresponding BP or AR.


Last updated: 5/05/2014



  Designee List         
0. Concepts & Roles 3000   BP     
A. Goals & Objectives
B. Fiscal Policy Team
1. Budget (includes planning, preparation, proposal budget, adoption, administration) 3100   BP      AR   
A. Transfer of Funds
3110   BP     
2. Income x3430 3200   BP     
A. Local Funds
B. State Funds
C. Federal Funds
D. Tuition Fees
E. Transportation Fees x 3540
F. Materials Fees



1. Rental of District Personal Property
G. Disposal of Books, Equipment & Supplies (Personal Property)
3270   BP     
H. Return, Sale or Lease of School Facilities, Real Property or Equipment
3280   BP     
I. Gifts, Grants & Bequests (does not include state or federal funds)
3290   BP     
Public School Art Donation

3290.1  BP   
         E 3290.1 Art Donation Form      
3. Expenditures/Expending Authority 3300   BP     
A. Purchasing Procedures
3310   BP      AR   
                     E3310 (a&b): p-Card Use Agreement and Guidelines         
1. Bids
3311   BP      AR   
2. Contracts
a. State Contract/Cooperative Purchasing
3. Contracts, Leases and Agreements
3313   BP     
4. Payment for Goods and Services
3314   BP     
a. Prepayment Fund
b. Revolving Funds
c. Equipment Purchases - New Facility
3314.3   BP     
5. Relations with Vendors
3315   BP     
        a. Conflict of Interest
3315.1   BP     
 E3315.1 Request to do Business with the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District 
B. Claims and Actions Against the District
C. Tuition
D. Rental/Long-term Leasing
1. Purchase, Lease, Rental of Neighboring District-owned Property
        2. Remote Site Living Expenses
3344   BP     
                             E 3344 Remote Site Living Expenses        
        E. Payroll 3350   BP     AR  
             E 3350(a) Active List Tax Shelter         
             E 3350(b) Salary Reduction Agreement & Investment Selection Form         
            E 3350(c) Salary Reduction Agreement  457        
       F. Travel and Per Diem 3360     AR  
              E3360(a): Statement of Expenses 
              E3360(b): Statement of Mileage   
4. Management of District Assets/Accounts (includes systems, encumbering, audits) 3400   BP     
A. Depository
1. Checking Accounts
3410.1   BP     
B. Borrowing
C. Investing
D. Inventories
3440   BP      AR   
            1. Fixed Asets Capitalization  3440.1    
E. Money in School Buildings
3450   BP     
1. Petty Cash Funds
3451     AR   
2. Student Activity Funds x6145.8
3452   BP     
F. Periodic Financial Reports
3460   BP     
G. Fund Balance
3470   BP     
            1. Equipment Reserve Fund     3471     BP      AR   
5. Noninstructional Operations 3500    
A. Maintenance and Operation of Plant x 7000 et seq.
3510   BP     
1. Energy Conservation
2. Equipment (includes instructional equipment)
3512   BP     
3. Facilities Use x 1330
a. Telephone
b. Parking
c. Tobacco-free Schools/Tobacco Use
3513.3   BP     
                4. Environmental Safety 3514 BP     
                    a. Hazardous Substances    3514.1   BP    
                    b. Pest Management 3514.2   BP     AR  
                5. School Safety and Security: Access and Keys    3515   BP      AR  
                   E 3515 School Safety & Security         
                    a. Crime Data Reporting  3515.1    
                    b. Intruders on Campus  3515.2   BP    
                    c. District Police Department  3515.3    
                    d. Recovery for Property Loss or Damage  3515.4    
                    e. Emergency Action Plan 3515.5   BP     AR  
                    g. Restrictions on Sex Offenders 3515.7   BP     
                    h. Alcohol Variance Requests   3515.8 BP    
B. Office Services
a. Data Processing/Word Processing x 6162.6
b. Mail & Delivery
c. E-Mail
C. Risk Management (includes liability, property, employee bonds)
3530   BP     
 E3530(a): Student/Visitor Injury/Incident Report 
1. Recovery for Property Loss or Damage
3531   BP      AR   
D. Transportation x 3250
3540   BP     
                                        E 3540 Charter School Transportation Boundaries        
1. Transportation Routes & Services
3541   BP    
a. School-related Trips
3541.1   BP      AR   

  E3541.1(a): School Driver Registration Form
 E3541.1(b) Private Vehicle Transport Safety Check Form
 E3541.1(c) Booster Seat Safety Check 

b. Transportation for Students with Disabilities
3541.2   BP     
c. Nonpublic School Students
3541.3   BP     
d. Transportation for Outside Groups
e. Alternative Transportation Arrangements
3541.5   BP     
2. Roles and Duties of Employees
3542   BP     
3. Transportation: Emergency and Safety Procedures
3543   BP     
 E3543: School Bus Safety Instruction Form 
        a. Hazardous Bus Routes
3543.1   BP      AR   
4. Equipment (includes maintenance and vandalism)
a. Vehicle Maintenance
3544.1   BP      AR   
b. Privately owned
    E. Student Nutritional Program 3550   BP      AR  
    1. Food Service Operations x 3310
    2. Regular Lunch Programs
    3. Free and Reduced Priced Meals
3553   BP     
    4. Other Food Sales
3554   BP     
    F. Debt Service (includes bonds) 3560    
    G. Capital Outlay 3570    
    I. District Records 3580   BP