Series 5000: Students

NOTE: This comprehensive index/table of contents provides a standard index system designed to accommodate future policies/regulations and at the same time provides a table of contents for this manual. This manual contains only those Board Policies (BP), administrative regulations (AR) and exhibits (E) specified in the right-hand column. There is no existing policy for items without a corresponding BP or AR.
Last updated 11/04/2013
Designee List      
0. Concepts and Roles 5000 BP  
A. Goals and Objectives  5010    
B. Role of Parents/Guardians  5020    
1. Access to Students by Noncustodial Parents   5021 BP  
C. Parent/Student Handbook  5022 BP AR
D. School Discipline and Safety  5030 BP  
E. Student Nutrition and Wellness  5040 BP AR
E 5040 Student Nutrition and Physical Activity      
1. Elementary and Secondary 5100    
A. Attendance  5110    
1. Admission   5111 BP AR
E5111(a): Early Entrance Screening
E5111(b): Early Entrance Parent's Questionnaire
E5111(d): Early Entrance Approval Checklist  
a. District Residency  5111.1    
b. Foreign Exchange Programs E 5111.2 Guidelines for Foreign Exchange Students 5111.2 BP  
2. Attendance and Exceptions   5112    
a. Exemptions from Attendance  5112.1 BP AR
b. Exclusions from Attendance  5112.2 BP AR
c. Student Leave of Absence  5112.3    
d. Part-time Employment  5112.4    
e. Open/Closed Campus  5112.5    
f. Education for Homeless Children and Youths  5112.6 BP AR
3. Absences and Excuses (includes truancy)   5113 BP AR
a. Work Permits  5113.1    
4. Attendance Records; Registers   5114    
5. School Census   5115    
6. School Attendance Boundaries   5116 BP  
E5116(a&b): Out of Area Attendance Request        
a. Intradistrict Attendance  5116.1    
b. Open Enrollment  5116.2    
7. Interdistrict Attendance   5117    
8. Transfers   5118   AR
9. Access to District Schools by Private School, Correspondence and Other Programs   5119 BP AR
B. Progress  5120    
1. Assessment/Evaluation of Student Achievement   5121 BP AR
2. Academic Load   5122    
3. Promotion/Acceleration/Retention   5123 BP AR
E5123: Retention and Acceleration        
4. Communications with Parents/Guardians   5124 BP  
5. Student Records   5125 BP AR

E 5125(a) For Students 18 & Older Disclosure to Parents of Dependent Students & Consent Form
E 5125(b) Notification of Rights Under FERPA
E 5125(c) Authorization for Release/Exchange of Information

a. Release of Directory Information  5125.1 BP  
E5125.1a: Notice of Student Directory Information
E5125.1b: Directory Information: Parent Opt Out Form
b. Challenging Student Records  5125.2 BP  
c. Withholding Grades, Diploma and Transcripts  5125.3 BP  
6. Awards for Achievement   5126 BP  
7. Graduation Ceremonies and Activities   5127 BP  
a. Special Education Graduation Ceremonies and Activities  5127.1    
8. Alaska Performance Scholarship Program 5128 BP AR
E 5128 Alaska Performance Scholarship - Appeal Form      
C. Activities  5130    
**1. Conduct   5131 BP AR
a. Bus Conduct**  5131.1 BP AR
b. Building and Grounds  5131.2    
c. Student Driving and Parking  5131.3    
d. Campus Disturbances  5131.4 BP AR
(1) Violent and Agressive Conduct 5131.41 BP  
(2) Threats of Violence 5131.42    
(3) Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying   5131.43 BP  
E 5131.43 Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying      
e. Vandalism, Theft, and Graffiti  5131.5 BP  
f. Alcohol and Other Drugs  5131.6 BP  
(1) Voluntary Drug Testing Program   5131.61    
(2) Tobacco   5131.62 BP  
(3) Performance Enhancing Drugs   5131.63    
g. Weapons and Dangerous Instruments  5131.7 BP AR
h. Student Activity Trips  5131.8    
i. Academic Honesty  5131.9 BP  
2. Dress and Grooming   5132    
3. Gifts to School Personnel   5133    
4. Student Production of Services and Materials   5134 BP  
E5134: Express Assumption of Risk Associated with the Purchase of Student Manufactured Products and Student Services        
5. School Symbols   5135    
6. Gangs   5136    
7. Positive School Climate   5137 BP  
8. Student Possession & Use of Personal Electronic Devices, Including Cellular Phones 5138


D. Welfare  5140    
1. Health Care and Emergencies   5141 BP AR
a. Accidents  5141.1    
b. Illness  5141.2    
(1) Administering Medication (includes anaphylatic injections)   5141.21 BP AR

E5141.21(a):Medication Authorization Prescription Short-Term
E5141.21(b): Medication Authorization Non-Prescription Medication Request

E5141.21(c) Medication Authorization Form Long-Term Medication Request

(2) Infectious Diseases   5141.22 BP AR
(3) Infectious Disease Prevention   5141.23 BP AR
E5141.23: Precautions for Infectious Disease Prevention        
(4) Specialized Health Care Services   5141.24    
c. Health Examinations x6145.2  5141.3 BP  
E 5141.3 Opt-Out Form for Growth Services  (MS Word Version)      
E 5141.3 Opt-Out Form for Growth Services (PDF)      
(1) Immunizations   5141.31 BP  
d. Child Abuse and Neglect (Reporting Procedures)  5141.4 BP AR

E5141.4(a): OCS Referral for Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect
E5141.4(b): OCS Authorization for Interview


(1) Child Abuse Prevention   5141.41    
e. Mental Health x6164.4  5141.5    
(1) At-Risk Youths   5141.51    
(2) Suicide Prevention   5141.52    
2. Safety x3514   5142 BP AR
a. Fingerprinting Program  5142.1    
b. School Safety Patrol  5142.2    
c. Restraint and Seclusion  5142.3


3. Insurance   5143    
4. Discipline   5144 BP AR
a. Suspension and Expulsion  5144.1 BP AR 

E5144.1(a): Long-Term Suspension Process
E 5144.1(b): Order of Hearings
E 5144.1(c): Expulsion Recommendation Process

(1) Due Process   5144.11 BP AR
E5144.11(a): Notice of Appeal - Student/Parent Discipline Appeal
E5144.11(b): Hearing Procedure
E5144.11(c): Procedure for Contested Student Hearings (by School Board)  
b. Suspension and Expulsion (Students with Disabilities)  5144.2   AR
E 5144.2 Special Education Discipline      
5. Rights and Responsibiltieis   5145    
a. Privacy  5145.1    
(1) Questioning and Apprehension   5145.11 BP  
(2) Search and Seizure   5145.12 BP AR
(3) Research on Students   5145.13    
(4) Photographing of Students   5145.14    
b. Freedom of Speech/Expression  5145.2 BP AR
c. Nondiscrimination  5145.3 BP  
d. Students In Transition (Homelessness) x 5112.6  5145.31    
e. Exploitation  5145.4    
f. Student Grievance Procedures x1312  5145.5    
g. Notifications Required by Law  5145.6    
h. Sexual Harassment  5145.7 BP AR
i. Refusal to Harm or Destroy Animals  5145.8    
6. Married/Pregnant/Parenting Students   5146 BP  
7. Dropout Prevention   5147    
8. Child Care   5148