Series 9000: Bylaws of the Board

NOTE: This comprehensive index/table of contents provides a standard index system designed to accommodate future policies/regulations and at the same time provides a table of contents for this manual. This manual contains only those Board Policies (BP), administrative regulations (AR) and exhibits (E) specified in the right-hand column. There is no existing policy for items without a corresponding BP or AR.
Last updated 1/13/14
Designee List      
0. Role of Board and Members (includes powers, purposes, duties) 9000 BB  

E9000a: Role of Board Members
E9000b: Administrator Selection Process 

E9000c: Requests for Information from School Board Members

A. Public Statements
9010 BB  
1. Confidential Information
9011 BB  
1. Organization 9100    
A. Board Membership
9110 BB  
E9110: Student Representative on KPBSD Board - Job Description
B. Officers and Auxiliary Personnel
9120 BB  
1. President
9121 BB  
2. Vice President
9122 BB  
3. Clerk
9123 BB  
4. Treasurer
9124 BB  
C. Board Committees
9130 BB  

 E 9130a: Board Committees - Policy Committee
E 9130b: Board Committees - Charter School Oversight Committee
E 9130c: Board Committees - Board Information Committee 

E9130d: Board Committee - Finance Committee

D. Board Representatives
9140 BB  

E9140a: Board Liaison to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly

2. Board Members 9200 BB  
A. Qualifications
B. School Board Elections
1. Recruiting New Board Members
2. Resignation
9222 BB  
3. Board Vacancies
9223 BB  
4. Oath or Affirmation
9224 BB  
E 9224 Oath or Affirmation
C. Orientation
9230 BB  
D. Board Development
9240 BB  
E. Compensation, Reimbursement, Other Benefits
9250 BB AR
F. Legal Protection
9260 BB  
G. Conflict of Interest
9270 BB  
1. Code of Ethics
9271 BB  
E9271: Code of Ethics
E. Governance 9300 BB  
A. Policy Manual
9310 BB  
1. Board Policies
9311 BB  
E9311: Board Policy Revision Timeline
2. Board Bylaws
9312 BB  
3. Administrative Regulations and Exhibits
9313 BB  
4. Suspension of Policies, Bylaws, Administrative Regulations
9314 BB  
B. Meetings (includes posting requirements)
9320 BB  
1. Executive Sessions
9321 BB  
2. Agenda/Meeting Materials (includes construction, posting, advance delivery)
9322 BB  
E9322: Order of Business
3. Meeting Conduct
9323 BB  
E 9323 Please Evaluate Us
4. Board Minutes
9324 BB  
C. Membership in Associations
4. Board Self-Evaluation 9400 BB  
 E9400: Board Self-Evaluation