AR 6186 Independent Study Program

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 6186

Independent Study Program
  1. Initiating an Independent Study Program
    1. Who initiates? Students/parents may initiate a request for an independent study program by submitting a written proposal to the building administrator.
    2. Upon request, the school administration will attempt to identify a certified staff member who has an expertise in a field related to the proposed independent study and who is willing to volunteer as the teacher of record.  A qualified staff member will be a required part of the independent study program.
  2. Components of an Independent Study Program
    1. The independent study program will be developed between the school and the parent/student within the parameters of District policy, curriculum and procedure.
    2. The independent study program must contain the following components:  course description, performance standards and key elements, course curriculum, assessment procedures, and an agreement of responsibility (including supervision) between the school, student, and the parent.
    3. If the proposed Independent Study course is intended to replace an existing KPBSD course in the district’s Master Course List, the components listed in section 2b. above must also demonstrate the alignment and coverage of all curriculum requirements of that course.
  3. Evaluation of Independent Study Student
    1. The teacher of record will be responsible for evaluating the student and assigning a final grade based on the course assessment criteria and the agreement of responsibility.
  4. Assignment of Credit
    1. Independent study programs may fulfill up to .5 credit per semester, with maximum of 4.0 credits towards district graduation requirements
    2. Independent Study Courses will be noted as “Independent Study (Course Name)” on the student’s transcript.
  5. Approval of Independent Study Course
    1. The request for an independent study accommodation will be initially approved by the building administrator.
    2. After building administrator approval, the request will be forwarded to the Director of Secondary Education for final approval.

Note: Independent Study courses are not guaranteed to meet NCAA requirements for eligible courses.  It will be the student’s/parent’s responsibility to compile and submit required NCAA paperwork if so desired.


Adoption Date: 12-03-2018