BP 3290.1 Public School Art Donation

KPBSD Policy Manual


Business & Instructional Support Operations

Intent of Public School Art

  • To augment the school’s visual, performing, literary arts, science or other curriculum and, when appropriate, reflect school and local history, environment, culture, etc.
  • To assist teachers to learn how to integrate the arts into their regular classroom when students are involved in creating public school art
  • To have a long-term impact that advances student, staff and public understanding of art while enhancing the aesthetics and student/community ownership of our schools.

The school principal, in conjunction with the school site council, may accept gifts of art. Public school art, once accepted, shall be cataloged with records retained digitally including donor information, names of the students and artists involved in the project, display location, and acceptance and deaccession dates. The school principal/site council has an obligation to exercise due care to maintain art until the item has been removed through a public process involving the site council and a reasonable effort to include the donor or representatives from the art community. 

Once an item is accepted, the school shall be the sole owner of the donated item(s) and shall have the right to deaccession of any donated item(s), except as otherwise stated in this policy, without providing notice to or obtaining the consent of the donor.

Selection Criteria

Overall KPBSD schools have limited space for the display of art. Therefore, it is important to consider very carefully the acceptance of a piece of art as a gift.

•   Style and Nature: The art should be appropriate in scale, material, form and content for the school environment. The art should contribute to the intent of this policy.


•   Quality and Elements of Design: Public art may have other functions in addition to aesthetic enjoyment. For example, a work of art may establish a focal point, modify, or enhance a space or identify a building function. As much as possible, the work of art should complement and enhance the building and its purpose.


•   Durability: Works of art shall be examined for durability, taking the school environment and the condition of the piece into consideration. Extremely fragile items or those that are potential targets for vandalism are not appropriate for the school setting.


•   Installation and Maintenance Costs: When selecting a work of art for display, or when determining if a gift may be accepted, the school principal/site council shall take into consideration any security issues, the cost of installation, and the cost of maintaining the work over its lifetime.

Public Liability

Works that create unsafe conditions or contain other factors that may bear on public liability shall not be selected. The school principal shall ensure that each donor signs a letter of acceptance of the school’s terms and conditions including the following:

•   All gifts must be unconditional, transferring ownership and all rights of ownership to the KPBSD.


•   Gifts shall be accepted only with the understanding that the school principal and school site council have the right to determine retention, location and other considerations relating to the use and disposal of the donated gift.


  • Only the school principal and site council may choose whether or not to display the gift and when to display the gift.


•   The school principal and site council may transfer ownership of the item, as it deems appropriate and following the process for deaccession.

(cf. BP 3290 Gifts, Grants, and Bequests)




Adoption Date: 11/04/19