AR 6187.1 Charter School Administrator Evaluation

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 6187.1

Charter Schools

1.                 The District shall designate a qualified evaluator to conduct an evaluation of the charter school administrator. The individual conducting the evaluation will meet the requirements of AS 14.20.149 and shall utilize the District's administrator evaluation procedures.


2.                 The evaluator shall ensure that during the evaluation process, the Academic Policy Committee will have the opportunity to provide written information on the performance of the administrator, including the administrator's performance in meeting obligations set forth in school board policy and the charter school contract.


3.                 The District shall provide a copy of the final evaluation to the Academic Policy Committee chairperson.


4.                 The District's evaluation of the charter school administrator does not preclude additional assessment by the Academic Policy Committee regarding the professional performance of the administrator. Any additional assessment shall be arranged between the Academic Policy Committee and the administrator.


5.                 Any members of charter school staff (classified or certified) who serve on the Academic Policy Committee shall recuse themselves from any votes, discussions, or other Academic Policy Committee proceedings pertaining to the administrator’s salary, contract, evaluation, and termination.


6.                 The Academic Policy Committee shall provide the District with a copy of any additional assessment conducted by the Academic Policy Committee.


7.                 Administrator-Teacher Evaluation (Dual Roles): If the charter school administrator performs both administrative and teaching functions, the procedures for evaluation shall be those for an administrator identified above.


8.                 Confidentiality of Evaluations


a.   As a matter of board policy, the Academic Policy Committee, as a body but not as individual members, has as much access to the contents of the charter school employee evaluations as is allowed under law. However, the Academic Policy Committee is neither responsible nor authorized to take personnel actions with respect to any employee other than the Charter School administrator. Before receiving any information that is confidential under law or contract, each member of the Academic Policy Committee must sign a confidentiality agreement acknowledging and agreeing to abide by that confidentiality.


b.   The Charter School administrator's evaluation conducted by the District shall not be publicly disclosed without the written permission of the administrator but may be shared with the Academic Policy Committee without a waiver.



Adoption Date: 02/03/2020