Series 0000: Designee List

In each of the following policies, regulations or exhibit, the word “superintendent” is used to refer to the superintendent or “designee”. In each of the references of the term “superintendent” the designee is listed below:

Policy/Regulation/Exhibit Designee
AR 0200 Goals for the District Assistant Superintendent of Instruction

 BP 0530 Criteria for Closing Schools

Paragraph 3: "the Superintendent will recommend to the Board..."

Paragraph 3: "...the unique circumstances as documented by the Superintendent."




 BP 0200 Goals for the School District  
Paragraph 2: “The Superintendent shall develop objectives for meeting these goals.”
Paragraph 3: “The Superintendent shall annually file with the State Department of Education and make available…”
BP 0410 Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities  
Paragraph 2: “The Superintendent shall make available to interested persons, including individuals with…”
Pupil Services Director, Assistant Superintendent
Paragraph 3: The Superintendent shall annually notify students and parents of the District's policy on…”
Assistant Superintendent
AR 0420 School-Based Management/Site Councils  
Paragraph 1: “In schools of less than 100 students, a request can be made to the Superintendent to…”
Paragraph 9: “…shall operate under bylaws adopted by the council and filed with the Superintendent…”
Paragraph 10: “Minutes (Copies sent to the Superintendent after each meeting)”
Paragraph 13: “…at a school site for the principal/principal teacher becomes known, the Superintendent will…”
Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent
Paragraph 13: “The Council will provide the Superintendent with input regarding selection…”
Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent
Paragraph 13: “If an opening is determined, the Superintendent will cause the position to be…”
Human Resources Director
Paragraph 13: “The Superintendent will make the selection, subject to approval by the Board of Education.”
Human Resources Director, Superintendent
Paragraph 14: “Written requests are submitted for consideration by the Superintendent.
Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent
E 0420 Site Council Annual Evaluation Form Superintendent
BP 0430 Community School Program Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent
AR 0430 Community School Program  
BP 0510 School District Report Card  
Paragraph 1: “In addition to the components required by law, the Superintendent may include in the report…”
Assistant Superintendent
Paragraph 1: “In determining the indicators which assess school and student performance, the Superintendent…”
Principal, Leadership Team
AR 0510 School District Report Card  
Paragraph 1: “…students, and community members at a public meeting and forwarded to the Superintendent.”
Curriculum Directors, Small Schools Director
Paragraph 1: “By July 1 of each year, the Superintendent shall provide the local School Board, the State Board…”
Assessment Director
BP 0520 School Accountability/School Improvement Assistant Superintendent, Instruction
Paragraph 1: “The Superintendent shall implement requirements for schools that have not achieved…”
Instructional Team
Paragraph 2: “If any District school is identified for improvement, the Superintendent shall develop…”
Instructional Team
AR 0520 School Accountability/School Improvement Assistant Superintendent
BP 0530 Criteria For Closing Schools Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent
Revised 1/9/2012