BP2250 Teacher in Charge Principal's Designee

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 2250

Teacher-in-Charge/Principal's Designee

 The School Board recognizes that the principal may be absent from the school site in the course of his/her professional duties or for other reasons.  Therefore, the Board authorizes the position of teacher-in-charge/principal's designee in order to provide proper supervision and maintain the continuity of the instructional program and school operations.

In the absence of the principal, the teacher-in-charge/principal's designee shall administer the school in accordance with Board policy, administrative regulations and procedures, and the law.  The delegation of school site duties shall not relieve the principal of the responsibility for actions by the teacher-in-charge/principal's designee.

The name of the teacher-in-charge/principal's designee shall be kept on file in the school office.  A second person may be designated to serve in this capacity when both the principal and primary designee are absent.


Adoption Date: 07/01/96