E 2250 Absence from Buildings

KPBSD Policy Manual

E 2250

Absence from Buildings
  • If the administrator is sick, the school secretary should notify the superintendent via e-mail (copy the superintendent’s secretary).
  • If the administrator is on other leave, s/he must send the superintendent an e-mail leave form prior to the absence.  When appropriate (as noted on leave grid), the leave form will be forwarded to payroll.
  • If the administrator is absent from the building for more than two hours at a non-District office sponsored training/meeting, s/he must notify the Superintendent (Region III, KPSAA, field trips, etc.) of the absence (an e-mail message is acceptable).
  • If the administrator works in a one-administrator school, s/he must identify who will act as the administrator-in-charge while away from the building.  Administrators must make sure that the “backup” person knows what to do in the case of a critical incident and perhaps designate a neighboring principal to call for help.  A District Office person or support employee should NOT be the primary backup.  District Office personnel are available for emergencies.

It is appreciated when administrators try to save on substitute costs, but there are times when substitutes are necessary.  If a regular administrative substitute is not available, a teacher in the building may serve in the role.  Schools that have a teacher designated as the person-in-charge should strongly consider training a substitute who can immediately step into that teacher’s classroom so that they can handle a discipline situation or crisis.


Revised: 2/2/2009