Father and Son Create A Starworthy SoHi Tradition

star mentor"We wanted to create a program to give back to the school system that had served us so well," explains Todd Syverson. Todd is the principal at Soldotna High School. Tate Syverson is currently a senior at SoHi and attended Redoubt Elementary (K-6), and Soldotna Middle School (7-8).

Tate’s brother, Chet Syverson (SoHi class of 2007), participated in a "Reading with the STARS" activity four years ago with Redoubt and Soldotna El to promote and enhance reading at the elementary level which involve some of the similar groups as listed below. The activity gave birth to the idea of a full program built around similar goals, and the STAR MENTOR program was created. The program is strictly volunteer based and is a way for students to give back to their educational system by helping the local area community elementary schools.

The STAR MENTOR program gives students the opportunity to serve as peer tutors and mentors for at-risk students. Mentors also support teachers by serving as a reading buddy to the elementary students.

"Unfortunately, our school volunteers have been on the decline in grades K-12. We are hoping that this program will also promote mentorship/volunteerism within our communities and train our students on how they might help their community years down the road," explains Todd.