New Teaching Talent - Christopher Brown

christopher brownThe Homer Flex School gained a tremendous new asset this year in Christopher Brown. He brings his extensive experience from a variety of small school settings. Mr. Brown was previously an instructor in Kotzebue, in the Northwest Arctic. Prior to that he was a Jr. High Instructor for the Village of White Mountain in the Bering Strait School District. Mr. Brown also taught at the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana.

In his spare time Mr. Brown and his chocolate lab, Jessie, enjoy camping, hiking and fishing in the Southeast near Sitka. Regarding his experience thus far with KPBSD, Mr. Brown stated, "The quality of the teachers and students are some of the best in the state of Alaska. It shows not just in the test scores, but in the quality of the people in the schools. I am really looking forward to a great year."