New Teaching Talent - Benjamin Caswell

Benjamin Caswell SmallBenjamin Caswell and his family moved to Alaska from American Fork, Utah. Ben earned his bachelor degree in secondary education from Brigham Young University in Hawaii. As a student teacher, he found a passion to teach children in need, utilizing his own personal experience to overcome a reading disability as a child. Ben moved to Utah and enrolled in a special three-year program at Brigham Young University. He obtained his education specialist degree in school psychology. Ben was previously a school psychologist at the Alpine School District in Utah and the Griswold School District in Connecticut.

As a school psychologist, Ben enjoys the wide variety of experiences his work offers at seven different KPBSD school locations: Seward Elementary School, Seward Middle School, Seward High School, Moose Pass, Hope, Cooper Landing and Spring Creek. "I am really impressed with the schools here, especially the small schools. I was skeptical at first. I wasn't sure if a small school could offer a comprehensive education like the big schools. They certainly do that and it's a big strength of this school district," explains Caswell.

Ben, his wife Megan, and their 2 boys Tucker and Russel, enjoy all of the outdoor offerings on the Kenai.