School meal program serves up choices

a picture of a boy holding a lunch tray 

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District students can order up choice in school meal programs, through the A La Carte program.

Student Nutrition Services offers well-balanced meals that comply with USDA nutritional guidelines in its breakfast and lunch programs. But sometimes, active students want a little extra to fuel them through their day.

With its commitment to student wellness, SNS offers students opportunities to purchase extra foods as a way to help them avoid making unhealthy choices in vending machines, fast food lines or snack aisles. A La Carte items are governed by the same nutritional guidelines as meal menus, with items made from whole grains and fiber, not sugar and sodium.

SNS school sites typically allow students to purchases an extra helping of an entrée or side dish from the day’s meal menu, such as a second milk, an additional banana half or a second portion of spaghetti. In addition, some school sites offer A La Carte items beyond the regular menu. Those selections are generally determined by a school’s interests and preferences.

Individually, all offered A La Carte items can be included as part of USDA-reimbursable school meals.

   a picture of a girl holding a lunch tray 

The list below includes many of the A La Carte items available at some schools.

Our active KPBSD students appreciate the availability and variety of additional foods, and SNS appreciates the opportunity to offer them additional healthy selections.

Applesauce cups 0.50
Breakfast bar, soft 1.25
Cereal bowl large, w/o milk 1.75
Cereal bowl w/o milk 1.25
Cereal bar 0.75
Chips 1.00
Crackers, Cheez-its 0.75
Crackers, Goldfish 0.40
Fruit snacks 0.50
Fruit, whole fruit 0.50
Granola bar 0.75
Kudos or Power Alley bar 0.75
Nutri-Grain bar 1.00
Pop-Tart 1.00
Roll-Ups 0.50
SunChips 0.50
Chex Mix 0.75
Veggies w/dip 1.00
Yogurt 0.85