Principles of Technology Course

Principles of Technology Course Derby Drivers 

Sure, the cars looked cool, but how well would they run?

The final project in Kenai Alternative High School’s seven-week principles of technology course, focusing on mechanical and fluid systems, was to design a car powered by carbon dioxide. Form was part of the task, and function was the other.

“The students spent a week building and painting these cars with limited tools. They used files, Dremels and other various hand tools. The final project was to complete a car that had aesthetic detail and aerodynamic design to race diagonally across the gym floor,” said Wade Marcuson, KAHS teacher.

Students received awards in both divisions in the final race Feb. 3. The top finishers in the racing division were Michael Powell, first place; Jorrie Seidl, second place; and Tim Griffith, third place. Best in show went to Chase Lee.

Principles of Technology Course Derby Cars 

“It was a fun way to get students involved with a hands-on project that related to the intent of the class,” Marcuson said.