New Teaching Talent - Jill Wagner

New Teaching Talent - Jill Wagner 

Jill Wagner came to Redoubt Elementary fresh off a whirlwind.

She came to Alaska in August 2010 for a vacation with her then-boyfriend, now-husband, Mychal Wagner, intending to return to Redmond, Ore., for her fourth year of teaching.

"I ended up staying, getting engaged, got the job at Redoubt (Elementary), got married on Nov. 27 — a six-month whirlwind, you might say!" she said.

Wagner teaches kindergarten at Redoubt Elementary School, and said her favorite part of the job so far is the people.

"The staff have made me feel very welcomed and have done nothing but be of assistance to me along the way. I love the kids, too! This is my first year with this age group and not a day goes by where these kids do not surprise m e— whether it is something they say or something they do," Wagner said.

Wagner attended Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, Ore., and holds a bachelor's of science degree in Spanish and English for speakers of other languages and a master's degree in teaching. She taught fourth grade for a year in Pendleton, Ore., where she grew up, and third grade for two years in Redmond before coming to Soldotna.

She's finding Alaska life — as unplanned as it was — to be agreeable.

"So far I have enjoyed the fishing and hunting in August and September. I enjoy the light, when it decides to come out. It might take me a few more months to truly decide what I like most, since I am still adjusting to a new lifestyle here," she said. "I love to be outside, when the temperature is halfway decent, that is. I love sports and physical activities. I like to sew, garden, and cook. I also like to spend time with family and friends when I get a chance — it is a little harder to do these things now that I am here, but we make it work."