2011 Alaska School Principal Recognition Day

Governor Parnell proclaims School Principal Recognition Day is November 18, 2011!

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District applauds the dedicated professionals who serve as principals and assistant principals at our forty-four schools. Thirty-nine principals and nine assistant principals serve in the KPBSD.  

“Please join me in thanking all of our principals and assistant principals on the excellent job that they do as instructional leaders and facility managers. The principal and assistant principal jobs are consuming and require a dedication that we may sometimes take for granted.  Please spend a moment on November 18 to show that this is not the case.”  -- Dr. Steve Atwater, KPBSD Superintendent 

Meet several of our dedicated leaders … 


Principal Appreciation Day_1

 Soldotna  Elementary , Teri Diamond … a  “groovy” principal and her “groovy” sidekick….  

Principal Appreciation Day_2


Kenai Alternative High School, principal Loren Reese 

The pre-school students were excited to see Principal Reese dressed up as a pirate. They lovingly called him “Principal Pirate Reese.” Reese gives 110 % to the students at KAHS.  He has a great sense a humor, compassionate heart and is very fair dealing with the students. 


Principal Appreciation Day_3

 Tustumena Elementary , Bob VanDerWege
Words aren’t enough to express how lucky we are at School to have a principal like Bob.  The staff, students, and community have all expressed their gratitude for having an individual that is so wonderful to be around. Kind, caring, hardworking, funny, energetic, computer tech, friendly, and the list goes on…He really deserves a day on the calendar for recognition!!  

Principal Appreciation Day_4a


Principal Appreciation Day_4b

  Ninilchik School, Jeff Ambrosier
Ninilchik kids in their own words        

Principal Appreciation Day_5

 Nikolaevsk School, Michael Sellers.   

Principal Appreciation Day_6b

 Seward Elementary, David Kingsland

He’s our King!  He is enthusiastic, funny, understanding, organized and a fantastic boss to work for!   

Principal Appreciation Day_7


Kenai Central High School, Alan Fields and Assistant Principal Jim Beeson   

Last year for the Hockey Alumni Game they agreed to Sumo Wrestle some of the SOHI staff.  These guys really go the extra mile to help and support our kids. 


Principal Appreciation Day_8

 KCHS, Assistant Principal Jim Beeson  

Principal Appreciation Day_9

 KCHS, Alan Fields Notice the Sumo trophy on Alan's desk...  

Principal Appreciation Day_10

 Soldotna High School, Todd Syverson  

Principal Appreciation Day_11

 Soldotna High School, Assistant Principal Tony Graham  

Principal Appreciation Day_12


Paul Banks Elementary, Mr. Abraham  

Mr. Abraham loves to read with the Paul Banks students! One of his favorite sayings “It is what it is!” of course with that Arkansas accent!


Principal Appreciation Day_13


Nikiski North Star Elementary, Lisa Callahan  

Principal Callahan is a dedicated and energetic leader here at She works hard and always has a ready smile even in difficult situations.  She is very fair and treats students with care and respect.  Ms. Callahan sets high expectations for herself, her staff, and her students to help make Nikiski North Star Elementary the best it can be! 

Principal Appreciation Day_14


Homer High School, Dr. Alan Gee 

Halloween with Coach Wyatt. “Dr. Gee is the best principal in the District! He tackles issues with steadfast professionalism, humor, honesty and understanding. He doesn’t just talk about issues, he makes things happen!”


Principal Appreciation Day_15

Redoubt Elementary, John Pothast
The Great Grocery Grab! 


Principal Appreciation Day_16

Kenai Middle School, Vaughn Dosko, Assistant Principal Dan Beck

Seal release with SeaLife Center and 7th grade students, Kenai beach


Principal Appreciation Day_17


Mountain View Elementary, Norma Holmgaard 

Assembly time with storyteller Brett Dillingham  


Principal Appreciation Day_18


Mountain View Elementary, Assistant Principal Michael Hanson 

Caring for the Kenai project, 2011 


Principal Appreciation Day_19


Susan B English, Sheryl Hingley 

The Sea Otters! 

Principal Appreciation Day_20

K-Beach Elementary, Melissa Linton, Assistant Principal Jennifer Dowd

Special assembly to celebrate Peter Kalifornsky’s 100th birthday


Principal Appreciation Day_21

Cooper Landing, Christine Ermold

School board presentation, 2011

Principal Appreciation Day_LEAD

2011-2012 KPBSD District Administration


Principal Appreciation Day_end2