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New proposed document: Proposed Start Times

KPBSD wants your ideas and solutions to solve a transportation deficit of $750,000.00. Informational meetings were held on December 1 and 2, 2011, in the Southern Peninsula area regarding the proposed transportation route changes.

After you review the meeting notes and PowerPoint in the links provided on this page, please offer your ideas and suggestions by February 25, 2012.

The solution KPBSD presents is to shift from a one-tier bus system to a two-tier system in the Southern Peninsula.

However, to do this will require different starting times between elementary and secondary schools, and can affect out-of-area attendance. The proposal to change school start and end times is controversial. Your thoughts are appreciated to help KPBSD solve this transportation deficit, and keep funds in the classroom.


Single versus Double Tier Bus Routes and potential cost reduction

The cost for a bus based on a daily rate is $60,000 to $65,000 per year (not including fuel.)
In a Single Tier Route plan, one bus is used for one pickup & delivery to and from school.
In a Double Tier Route plan one bus used for two pickups & deliveries to and from schools.
Switching from single tier to double tier routes will eliminate the total number of busses needed!
Proposed attendance area boundaries will change to make this change work effectively.
No decreases for special education transportation will be made.

You may wonder, why only Southern Peninsula transportation? The Southern Peninsula schools are on a Single Tier Route, the Central Peninsula and Eastern Peninsula are on Double Tier Routes.


Why the deficit? 
Our bus contract is with First Student, and our five year contract from FY07 to FY11 ended. We issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) in Spring  2011, and received one response. The substantial price increase resulted in the significant deficit of approximately $750,000. KPBSD negotiated a one year contract extension for FY12. The intention is to reissue a RFP with cuts to reduce the deficit.

Please offer your positive solutions after reviewing the meeting notes and PowerPoint links provided on this page:

Online Southern Peninsula Bus Transportation Routes webpage   

Online idea form: Click Here to leave feedback


Watch the PowerPoint: KPBSD Bus Transportation Routes  

Download the PowerPoint: KPBSD Bus Transportation Routes in a PDF format

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