Essential Images: KPBSD Photo of the Day


One district, forty-four diverse schools, and more than eighty-eight hundred K-12 grade students are learning every day a KPBSD school is in session. Who are these young Alaska students?

Beginning January 3, 2012, KPBSD launches a visual story—sharing essential faces of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District through the new KPBSD Photo of the Day. Every student matters.

When you visit the KPBSD homepage, look to the lower right corner; every day school is in session you will see a photo of one of our many students. Additionally, an invitation for you to pause and reflect with the images is posted on the Communications Essential Images: KPBSD Photo of the Day designated web page, where you will see the photo of the day, and previously posted photos.

He’s the reason, she is why. Together may we celebrate our diverse school district where every child is welcome to learn, engage, and grow. Today’s schools focused on tomorrow.



All photos are taken by KPBSD Communications. Student names and school locations are not identified, and no students featured in the KPBSD Photo of the Day have signed a “Directory Information Parent Opt-Out Form” maintained at the school a student attends.