Pre-Kindergarten Title I Classes



Do you know a child who will be four years old by September 1, 2012?

Please take advantage of an opportunity to attend pre-kindergarten classes at a neighborhood school in the fall. 

To qualify for the classes, parents and guardians need to contact their local area public school to schedule a Pre-K assessment test, and complete an application prior to the school screening appointment date noted below.

The following schools will offer Title I Pre-K classes in the fall of 2012. Students qualify for Title I services based on academic need, and attending a Pre-K class can help your child develop good skills to be ready for kindergarten. To learn more, contact your local area school at the number provided below.


Art project instructions

KPBSD Title 1 Elementary School screening dates

  • Chapman Elementary, 235-8671 ~ 4/24: 9:00–3:00 School library
  • Mountain View Elementary, 283-8600 ~ 4/20: 8:30–4:00 Kenai Cultural Center conference room
  • Nikiski North Star Elementary, 776-2600 ~ 4/27: 9:00–4:00 N. Peninsula Rec Center
  • Paul Banks Elementary, 226-1801 ~ 5/9: 9:00–3:00 School library
  • Redoubt Elementary, 260-4300 ~ 4/23: 9:00—3:00 Soldotna Sports Center
  • Soldotna Elementary, 260-5100 ~ 4/23: 9:00—3:00 Soldotna Sports Center
  • Seward Elementary, 224-3356 ~ 5/11: 9:00–3:00 School library
  • Sterling Elementary, 262-4944 ~ 5/10: 9:00–3:00 Music room
  • Tustumena Elementary, 260-1345 ~ 4/26: 12:00–4:00 Pre-K Room


Use two fingers to make letters in shaving creme

Title I programs are required to utilize effective, research based instruction, and must also provide evidence that students receiving Title I support are showing academic growth. Such evidence is gathered through regular formative assessments and through annual state standardized tests.

Action steps

  1. Contact local attendance area school. (See list)
  2. Complete a Pre-K application—the school office will provide applications, or download a Pre-K application from the KPBSD website.
  3. Return the application to your neighborhood school office during school hours.
  4. Schedule your child's assessment prior to the date for your neighborhood school.

Children must be age 4 by September 1, 2012.


 Learning letters
Practicing Ms
Swirling custom color combination
Mix shaving creme paint, swirl it, add paper, peel it...
Priceless art time
Making egg art
Everyone takes a turn
Pre K classes are the best